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Sciortino Colloidal Models with water-like behaviors: The liquid-liquid critical point and the re-entrant spinodal Speedy scenario invited11/9 Mon09:00
Buchner Kinetic Depolarization of Electrolytes Revisited talk11/9 Mon09:45
Idrissi Probing structural patterns of ion association and solvation in mixtures of imidazolium ionic liquids with Acetonitrile, Propylene carbonate and gamma-Butyrolactone: A molecular dynamics analysis talk11/9 Mon10:00
Jirsák Determination of residual thermodynamic properties in molecular simulations of flexible molecules talk11/9 Mon10:15
Sacanna Patchy and Platonic Particles from Colloidal Fusion invited11/9 Mon11:00
Rovigatti Assembly protocol, form factors, density profiles and swelling curves of computer-generated realistic microgels talk11/9 Mon11:45
Ivanov Concentration-dependent weak-field magnetic dynamic response of polydisperse ferrofluids talk11/9 Mon12:00
Brocca Biomolecules absorption at the interface bubbles and drops in water. talk11/9 Mon12:15
Dellago How van der Waals interactions determine the unique properties of water: insights from neural network based computer simulations invited11/9 Mon14:30
Takamuku Soft X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy on Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids talk11/9 Mon15:15
Steinhauser Revival of the Intermolecular Nuclear Overhauser Effect for Mapping Local Protein Hydration Dynamics talk11/9 Mon15:30
Rossi Hydration properties of cyclodextrin and its substituted forms in aqueous solutions by UV inelastic scattering experiments talk11/9 Mon15:45
Kawasaki Identification of time-scales that support violation or preservation of Stokes-Einstein relation in supercooled water talk11/9 Mon16:30
Miannay Mechanism of solvation dynamics in a prototypical electrolyte for DSSCs talk11/9 Mon16:45
Golub Dynamics in Protic Ionic Liquids. What can we learn from different force fields? talk11/9 Mon17:00
Sanchez Theoretical modeling of magnetic elastomers with magnetically hard and soft particles poster11/9 Mon17:15
Ronti Low-Temperature Structural Properties of Dipolar Hard Spheres poster11/9 Mon17:15
Ronti Low-Temperature Structural Properties of Dipolar Hard Spheres poster11/9 Mon17:15
Szentirmai Adsorption of Methylamine at the Surface of Ice. A Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Simulation Study poster11/9 Mon17:15
Friesen Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy of Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine Chloride in Aqueous Solution poster11/9 Mon17:15
Shelepova Investigation of large voids inside lipid bilayers in the presence of glycyrrhizic acid poster11/9 Mon17:15
Fujii Excited-state proton transfer of cyanonaphthols in protic ionic liquids poster11/9 Mon17:15
Takahashi Determination of Dimerization Constants of 7-Azaindole in Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquids by 1H NMR poster11/9 Mon17:15
Kitamura Time Course of Cell Survival Rate and Glucose Metabolism of Rat Primary-cultured Astrocytes under Various Temperature and Pressure Conditions poster11/9 Mon17:15
Tomimatsu Cautions when drying and purifying ionic liquids under reduced pressure poster11/9 Mon17:15
Izumi Comparison of dynamic properties of propyl ammonium nitrate (amine based ionic liquid) - water mixture and propylamine (molecular liquid) - water mixture. poster11/9 Mon17:15
Nogami Physicochemical properties of confined water in 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate - water mixture obtained by temperature change poster11/9 Mon17:15
Kaneko Dynamic and thermodynamic properties of confined water in water pocket formed in ionic liquids. poster11/9 Mon17:15
Ohtori Standard model of breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation for simple fluids poster11/9 Mon17:15
Kakinuma Temperature Dependence of Low-Frequency Spectra in Ionic Liquids: Comparison of Imidazolium, Pyridinium, Pyrrolidinium, Ammonium, and Phosphonium Cations poster11/9 Mon17:15
Gurina Classical and ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of p-coumaric acid in modified supercritical CO2 poster11/9 Mon17:15
Pozar Evolution of the micro-structure of aqueous alcohol mixtures with cooling poster11/9 Mon17:15
Pozar The microscopic structure of aqueous and ethanol mixtures of 1,n-diols poster11/9 Mon17:15
Moreno Dielectric relaxation spectra of an ionic resorcin[4]arene in water and dmso. poster11/9 Mon17:15
Skvara Separation of ibuprofen enantiomers by beta-cyclodextrin membranes: a molecular dynamics study poster11/9 Mon17:15
Fabian Ammonia clathrate hydrate as seen from Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Simulations poster11/9 Mon17:15
Mahboob Comparative Study of the Interactions of Levofloxacin with SDS and ChDS in the Presence and Absence of Amino Acids poster11/9 Mon17:15
Beranek Effect of blockiness and monomer sequence on self-assembly of gradient copolymer melt poster11/9 Mon17:15
Neumann Influence of Liked-Charge Hydrogen Bonding on the Structure and Dynamics of Ionic Liquids: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study poster11/9 Mon17:15
Spyrogiannopoulos Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Ionic Liquid Emim+ Tf2N- in mixtures with Water, Methanol and Ethanol at Room Temperature. The effect of increasing Alkyl chain length of the solutes on the dynamical and structural properties of the systems. poster11/9 Mon17:15
Saito Formulation of self-diffusion coefficient and shear viscosity of simple molten salts with thermodynamic variables poster11/9 Mon17:15
Heid Validity of linear response approximations in solvation dynamics poster11/9 Mon17:15
Yoshimura Structural Study of Proteins in Aqueous DMSO Solutions at Cryogenic Temperature poster11/9 Mon17:15
Takekiyo Glass Formation of Aqueous Tetraethylammonium Fluoride Solution and Its Relation to the Hydration Structure poster11/9 Mon17:15
Ishikawa Dissolution of Heat-Aggregated Cytochrome c using Ionic Liquids poster11/9 Mon17:15
Imiela Novel strategies of Raman imaging for brain tumor research poster11/9 Mon17:15
Kopec Angiogenesis - a crucial step in breast cancer growth, progression and dissemination by Raman imaging poster11/9 Mon17:15
Koverga The local structure in BmimPF6/acetonitrile mixture: The charge distribution effect poster11/9 Mon17:15
Kadtsyn Features of structure of aqueous solutions of TMAO poster11/9 Mon17:15
Panagiotopoulos Stratification dynamics in drying colloidal mixtures invited12/9 Tue09:00
Meriguet Diffusion of short polyelectrolytes in crowded charged media talk12/9 Tue09:45
Chowdhuri Behaviour of cis- and trans N-methylformamide at varying temperature, pressure and composition-dependent solvation in water and DMSO. talk12/9 Tue10:00
Franzese Protein self-assembly on a Nanoparticle: The Protein Corona talk12/9 Tue10:15
Camp Molecular adsorption, self-assembly, and friction in lubricants invited12/9 Tue11:00
Fabian Single Particle Dynamics at the Intrinsic Surface of Various Apolar, Aprotic Dipolar, and Hydrogen Bonding Liquids As Seen from Computer Simulations talk12/9 Tue11:45
Millot Properties of water under pressure predicted by the rigid polarizable BK3 model talk12/9 Tue12:00
Essafi Accelerating chemical reactions at aqueous interfaces: 'on-water' catalysis talk12/9 Tue12:15
Saalwächter (De)coupling of rotational and translational diffusion in crowded protein solutions - a model case of complex colloids invited12/9 Tue14:30
Okazaki All-atomistic Molecular Dynamics Study of Viruses using K-computer invited12/9 Tue15:15
Fedotova Osmoprotectant Glycine Betaine: How Its Hydration and Ion-Binding are Involved into Protection of Proteins under Abiotic Stresses talk12/9 Tue15:15
Philipse The unscreened pendant of the DLVO-repulsion from Donnan theory and self-consistent field calculations invited13/9 Wed09:00
Kainourgiakis Molecular Dynamics Investigation of the Structural and Dynamical Behavior of Infinitely Diluted Salts in Low Molecular Weight Alcohols at Liquid and Supercritical Conditions talk13/9 Wed10:00
Paolantoni Structural dynamics in the protein hydration shell as revealed by extended depolarized light scattering (EDLS) experiments talk13/9 Wed10:00
Schroer Critical and non-critical fluctuations in mixtures of ionic liquids with alcohols talk13/9 Wed10:15
Cantù Amyloid‑β peptides aggregation and their interaction with raft-mime model membranes invited13/9 Wed11:00
Torii Behavior of electrons generating THz spectral intensities of liquid formamide talk13/9 Wed11:45
Bako Laplace Spectra of H-bonded networks: "communities" in H-bonded liquids and liquid mixtures talk13/9 Wed12:00
Shinoda Free energy analysis of topological and morphological changes in lipid membranes talk13/9 Wed12:15
Likos Self-assembly of soft nanocolloids beyond pair-additive effective interactions invited13/9 Wed14:30
Nishiyama Organogel availability depending of solvophobicity of gelators in organic solvents: fibrous gel networks comprising phenol and sulfosuccinic acid derivatives talk13/9 Wed15:15
Vyalov 3D Integral Equations for Electrochemical Applications talk13/9 Wed15:30
Shirota Ultrafast Dynamics of Polystyrene in Carbon Tetrachloride Studied by Femtosecond Raman-Induced Kerr Effect Spectroscopy talk13/9 Wed15:45
Skvor A General Method for Determining Molecular Interfaces and Layers talk13/9 Wed16:30
Holovko An application of the scaled particle theory and the ion association concept to the description of vapour-liquid phase equilibrium of ionic fluids in disordered porous matrices talk13/9 Wed16:45
Novak Self-assembly and macroproperties of supracolloidal magnetic polymers talk13/9 Wed17:00
Minina Microgels in computer simulations poster13/9 Wed17:15
Shaukat Comparative Study of Hydration & Ion binding in Colloidal Solutions of Sodium Dodecanoate & Choline Dodecanoate poster13/9 Wed17:15
Yoshida Theoretical study of ion transportation of light-driven channel poster13/9 Wed17:15
Nezbeda Structural analysis of supercooled BK3 water: Spatial distribution functions and tetrahedra constructions poster13/9 Wed17:15
Shirota Ultrafast Dynamics of Polystyrene in Carbon Tetrachloride Studied by Femtosecond Raman-Induced Kerr Effect Spectroscopy poster13/9 Wed17:15
Ishii Polarization effects on transport properties of molten alkali halides and the ionic liquids of 1-alkyl-3-metylimidazolium halides poster13/9 Wed17:15
Holovko Isotropic-nematic transition in a mixture of hard spherocylinders and hard spheres confined in disordered porous media: scaled particle theory description poster13/9 Wed17:15
Andoh Molecular dynamics study of differences in membrane properties between outer and inner leaflets of cell plasma membranes poster13/9 Wed17:15
Fedotova Hydration and ion-binding of bioprotectant proline: A unified view from experiment and theory poster13/9 Wed17:15
Fabian PYTIM: an intrinsic analysis software package poster13/9 Wed17:15
Medvedev Distribution of voids in the lipid bilayer and in the surrounding water relatively to the boundary surface of the bilayer poster13/9 Wed17:15
Nerukh Hybrid Molecular Dynamics - hydrodynamics modelling of liquid solutions: whole virus at atomistic resolution poster13/9 Wed17:15
Bardik The effect of water dynamics on conformation changes of major blood plasma proteins in pre-denaturation stage poster13/9 Wed17:15
Locatelli Star - long chain mixtures: a novel coarse-graining approach poster13/9 Wed17:15
Kim Glycyrrhizic acid influence on a passive transport of nifedipine molecule through a lipid bilayer poster13/9 Wed17:15
Chekanov Self-organization in the surface layer of the magnetic liquid. Mechanisms of autowave appearance poster13/9 Wed17:15
Gadomski Isotopic effect in time resolved spectroscopy detected via windowed Fourier transform poster13/9 Wed17:15
Lovrincevic Dynamics of ethanol-hexane and ethanol-water mixtures studied by computer simulations poster13/9 Wed17:15
Seitsonen Collective dynamics in liquid water at different temperatures poster13/9 Wed17:15
Bianco Dramatic effects on the structural and dynamical properties of active polymers poster13/9 Wed17:15
Eiser Optically induced colloidal crystallisation at liquid-liquid interfaces invited14/9 Thu09:00
Hunger Specific ion effect on proteins: The role of the amide backbone talk14/9 Thu09:45
Kimura Excited State Proton Transfer of 5,8-dicyano-2-naphthol in supercritical alcohols talk14/9 Thu10:00
Jedlovszky Investigation of problems related to the lateral pressure profile talk14/9 Thu10:15
Colby Trying to get Ionomers to be Polyelectrolytes for Ion-Conducting Energy Materials invited14/9 Thu11:00